#6 – Bartending & Instructional Design


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In this episode, we welcome Stanford EdTech's first instructional designer, Deila Bumgardner, to the café where we discuss her journey from media production to instructional design, including a brief stint as a wine bartender, and her experience working as a contractor at Apple. We also talk about what makes good (or bad) instructional design, and how working in academia has allowed her to think outside the box in the pursuit of meaningful outcomes.

Our Treat of the Day concerns the phrase "emotional content," popularized by Bruce Lee in his 1973 film Enter the Dragon, and written about by Kellen Manning in a 2014 blog article titled "Emotional Content: What Bruce Lee Taught Me About Digital Media." This emphasis on emotions and feelings, rather than ideas and thought, leads to a wide-ranging discussion about some of our favorite films and shows, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Distant Voices, Still Lives, and even a random movie on Prime Video called The Exigency.

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