Ep. 28: College Dropout to 6-Figure Income with Moe Gray


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Moe Gray is a college drop out turned fund manager where he helps his clients build their businesses. Moe is also a proficient trader of the forex market, which is trading different currencies around the world in case you didn’t know and also a photographer. In this episode, Moe talks about how he got started as an entrepreneur and how he got involved in what he does now. If you don’t listen to anything else in this episode, make sure you listen to the section where Moe talks about the mistakes people make when using credit and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes! Moe talks a lot about money in this episode and how to get smart with your money, you do not want to miss out on what he has to say. Moe is now very successful at what he does, but he also shares the difficult times he went through starting out when he barely had money to eat and how he’s learned to live very minimal even now that he makes 6 figures. We cover all of this and so much more so be sure to listen to the full interview, Moe has such a great story you all need to hear. Please leave a review and subscribe on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends if you enjoy this episode. Also, please go follow us on facebook and instagram @emergingentrepreneurspodcast.

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