Ep. 9: Finding a need and being your authentic self with Justin Buzzi


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Justin Buzzi is the founder and CEO of Get Up and Go Kayaking, a local kayaking company here in Central Florida that hosts a variety of kayak tours everyday in clear kayak's. In this episode, Justin talks about how he found a need for many people who just wanted to be outdoors and how he started the business in a week and a half and is now franchising the business. We also dive into why being your true self is the key to success. Justin also talks about his passion for hip hop music and how he used that as an outlet from a young age. I had the pleasure of talking to Justin for a while after we recorded this interview about his music career so I'll make sure to share a link so you can check out some of his music, you will definitely want to hear it. Please leave a review and subscribe on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends. Also, please go follow us on facebook and instagram at emergingentrepreneurspodcast. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/anthony-mcgehee/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anthony-mcgehee/support

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