Episode 27: Crystal Meadows and her life with Post Concussion Syndrome


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Prior to her illness, Crystal who is single, was teaching music full time, was an avid cross fitter and weight lifter, sang with the Houston Symphony Chorus, enjoyed pottery and was a volunteer at her Church.
In 2013 all that changed when a car accident became the catalyst for an eventual diagnosis of Post Concussion Syndrome and Dysautonomia.

Bit by bit, she lost those aspects of herself until her life felt it had been whittled down to a very small one. Going from Doctor to Doctor and paying for many medical expenses and tests out of pocket quickly ate through her life savings until she made the choice to sell her home to help support her health.

But Crystal has found a new calling and passion in helping others with patient advocacy, enjoys teaching her music students and living a smaller, but still fulfilling life. Listen to her story here.

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