113. Maryland Delegate Jazz Lewis discusses the Internet Tax, Relief Act, and the Juvenile Restoration Act - Policy Dialogues Ep.15


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The University of Maryland School of Public Policy Alumni Board's video and podcast series called Policy Dialogues discusses current events through a policy lens. Episode 15 focuses on Maryland politics with Delegate Jazz Lewis (UMD SPP ‘14). Participants also included Evan Papp (UMD SPP ‘11). We discussed his background and why he became interested in public policy and why he wanted to become a State Delegate and what was his experience running for elected office. We also discuss policies in Annapolis as a State Delegate and House Dem Caucus Chair, including:
  • Maryland “Internet Tax” on online ads;
  • Juvenile Restoration Act;
  • Relief Act of 202; and
  • #HB32 applicable to a certain civil offense of use or possession of cannabis.
Delegate Jazz Lewis is Maryland’s 24th Legislative District and is the Chair of the Maryland House Democratic Caucus. Jazz is also the Senior Policy Advisor for Majority Leader Congressman Steny Hoyer, previously serving as Executive Director of Hoyer’s Maryland political organization Jazz’s core philosophy is that organized and active communities produce better outcomes for their children’s education, their local economies, and their public safety. Jazz represents Maryland’s 24th Legislative District, currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee as Chair of the Family Law Subcommittee, and is the Chair of the Maryland House Democratic Caucus. The views expressed do not represent official positions of the school or alumni network.

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