57: 4 Reasons Why You Might Be Resisting Change Right Now In Your Life


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Are you resisting change in your life right now? I decided to hop on today and record this episode as it’s a theme I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks. I’ve been speaking with lots of women who are at a major crossroads in their life – they are dissatisfied and pretty much all areas of their life is not working and they have been feeling this way for some time (if this sounds like you today to then I encourage you to listen to EFL # 41. Many of these women want to change so badly and it’s why they have personally reached out to me for support but then at the same time, they don’t want it. They are resisting and bumping up against this very change they know they need. Right now here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are just days away from Spring. Spring is personally one of my favourite months. Why? Because it's not too hot yet here in Sydney and it's such a beautiful season of renewal and rebirth. The cycle of transformation is really obvious in spring. Everywhere we look we see beautiful signs of the cycle of new beginnings. I am sharing four reasons why you may resisting change right in your life.

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