60: The Cost Of Inaction


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Welcome back, welcome to episode 60 of the Energy For Life Podcast Show and I am your host Corona Brady. The cost of inaction and staying exactly where you are is a heavy price to pay. As human beings we are NOT meant to stay where we are. When we do a slow death happens internally and we will pay a huge price for that. The price you pay will cost you in all areas of your life and will continue to cost you in all areas and there are huge consequences at stake until you chose to rise, be brave, do something different, get support and make positive change. When we stagnate, we stop growing and evolving and from a place of stagnation things actually get worse, we spiral downwards and that affects all areas of our life. Tune in today as I share with you the costs of inaction and I provide you with an exercise you can do today if you find yourself at a crossroads in life right now.

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