Episode 88: en(gender)ed Reflections on patriarchy and masculinity


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In this "Reflections" episode,Teri and Michael reflect back on episodes on patriarchy and masculinity: Episode 84: Cleo Stiller on her book “Modern Manhood: Conversations About the Complicated World of Being a Good Man Today,” Episode 85: Jonathan Custodio on gender, masculinity, and listening to the en(gender)ed podcast, Episode 86: Jess Hill on her book “See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Abuse”, and Episode 87: Edgar Villaneuva on Decolonizing Wealth.

During our conversation, Michael and I touched upon the following resources in our conversation:

  • The concept of the "friend zone"
  • The Moth episode with Jerry Mitchell and his decades long work investigating Civil Rights era killings by KKK member Byron de la Beckwith
  • The similarities between Albert Biderman's "Chart of Coercion" used against Korean War POWs and Chinese authoritarian state tactics described in my interview with Leta Hong Fincher
  • Ferraro and Johnson's list of six ways women rationalize their abuse and justify staying in abusive relationships
  • The model of "women's police stations" as an effective intervention in the global south against domestic violence
  • My conversation with Richie Reseda on "Teaching Feminism to Reduce Recidivism" and how the concept of "restorative justice" is not appropriate in domestic violence cases, but is nevertheless used, and Jess Hill's example of a different form of "restorative justice" through the Northpoint, NC "focused deterrence" model that actually centered abuser accountability and survivor safety
  • How money can buy a voice as in the example of former Mayor Bloomberg possibly qualifying for the next Democratic debates


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