#57 Printing versus the pandemic: COVID 19


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The coronavirus pandemic that has torn through society has also seen supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) depleted at an alarming rate. As doctors and nurses are forced to improvise, and traditional suppliers struggle to meet the sudden increase in demand, help has arrived from an unexpected group of enthusiasts. The 3D printing community has come to the rescue.

Thousands of volunteers are sacrificing their sleep to produce emergency PPE, and to buy time for supply chains to adjust to a new reality. We speak with three people who may be changing the way manufacturing works for good.


Tony Thompson, Engineering and Electrical Assessor, Northampton College

Mark Hester, Technology Director, The Imagination Factory

Richard Hague, Director of the Centre for Additive Manufacturing, University of Nottingham


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The last time we spoke to Richard Hague from the University of Nottingham was in episode #19 Future of 3D Printing

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