27. Psychotherapy through an Enneagram Lens


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Do you ever wonder how much time you would save with a therapist if they only knew your Enneagram type? Many of us have come to the Enneagram as a tool to help us overcome issues that have kept us from getting to our next level of awareness. And when we go to therapy, we are trying to tackle those same things. So what does it look like when a therapist actually applies the Enneagram as a tool within their therapy practice? In this episode, Uranio Paes interviews Beatrice Chestnut on what her experience has been over the past decades using the Enneagram in her psychotherapy work. Learn tricks of the trade and hear how powerful the tool can be when used in conjunction with therapeutic practices. Whether you are a therapist yourself, a therapy client, or therapy-curious, this one is for you! And don't forget to download the article on Object Relations Theory by Beatrice that was mentioned in the episode. Head to https://bit.ly/3s6n0iu to get it now.

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