34. Enneagram Typing and How We Get It Wrong.


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Whether you are a professional trying to use the Enneagram in coaching or therapy, or just can't seem to land on the right Enneagram type, you know that typing is not easy. The Enneagram system of personality and the nine types hold enormous complexity. Given the Enneagram's recent increase in popularity and the influx of new "experts" in the field, mistyping may even be a growing phenomenon. Unfortunately, the consequences can be dire. Types can have completely different growth paths and if we get our type wrong, we may be doing the wrong work for our personal development. If you are a professional, the consequences and ethical implications are even more significant. In this episode, Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes draw on their decades of experience conducting typing interviews and reveal what we often get wrong about typing and how we can do better.

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