S1 Ep10. How to Build an Ethical Enneagram Community


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As the Enneagram grows in popularity and enters the mainstream, a wide group of teachers have entered the Enneagram community and new, creative theories have emerged. With new pathways available to learning about the system, wonderful and fresh perspectives have found a voice in the Enneagram space. But with widespread reach, what are the risks that arise for Enneagram students and Enneagram theory itself? When students arrive at this powerful system, they bring depth, vulnerability, and trust to their teachers and fellow students. So how can teachers hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity as holders of space and trusted advisors? And how do we ensure that the Enneagram community doesn't succumb to diluted teachings? In this episode, Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes discuss how to cultivate ethical Enneagram learning and teaching for the community writ large.

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