Self - Preservation 7 - Episode 51


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In this episode, we continue our series on the instinctual variants and focus on the Self-Preservation 7 AKA "The Hungry/Happy Hedonist", "The Gourmand", "The Keeper of the Castle" or... HUGH HEFNER?!?! A self-pres 7w8? Is this the same type as neurotic cult leaders? Anyway, here's what we talked about (resources are below):

- How the 7s passion of gluttony + fear of emotional pain mixes with the self-preservation instinct - Anecdotal experiences of Maris' family, which is full of self-pres 7w6s - We explore how a self-pres 7 might like to exercise - Why do self-pres 7s want people in their circle to be comfortable and happy? - The self-pres 7s ulterior motives and the challenge (for us personally) in seeing it - Tips for self-growth and behaving in new ways outside of the SP7s fixations

Resources:, Beatrice Chestnut, Russ Hudson, Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-discovery, Oscar Ichazo

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