231 Dealing with the Harder Times


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Today I'm talking about how to allow yourself to rest and heal when your life becomes overwhelming.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- What happens when you realise there is no way that you can deliver what you intended or promised to deliver

- How to recognise that it is time to go to the core of how you want to live your life

- What influences your decision to build and rebuild your life to fit your biggest needs and your growing values and desires

- Allowing yourself the time to process and to rebirth

If you are in that slump right now, maybe it isn't a slump, maybe it's good for you. Maybe it's time to look at how fast you've been trying to go and find other ways to bring joy, adventure and connection into your life. The sooner you allow yourself to breathe, the sooner you’ll become stronger and more able to come back with a different energy and new insights.

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