Joshua Futrell — How a Network Engineer Can Launch a Service-Based Business


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Joshua Futrell is the CEO/Founder of COMHOME Technology Solutions. He is an entrepreneur and network infrastructure engineer with more than 15 years of experience in technical leadership, computer/networking technology, and business-critical management. He is a member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and a member of their elite Leadership Frisco team. He is also a decorated Air Force Veteran.

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What You Will Learn In This Episode
  • Why it's difficult to recruit talented network engineers.
  • How to recognize A+ employees.
  • The steps a good engineer can take to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Why call center and customer support experience is critical when launching your business.
  • The habits to instill in yourself and your team to generate extra revenue.
  • Unique Selling Points (USPs) for infrastructure engineering companies.
  • The first thing an entrepreneur should do.

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