Preselling Your Product Idea Through Context Marketing — Anthony Vaughan


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Anthony D. Vaughan is 3X founder and the current CEO of Cognizance Capital Consulting, which focuses on bringing new and innovative content to first time entrepreneurs as well as marketing disciplines to small business owners. Cognizance Capital has served will over 600 entrepreneurs. Anthony has had the privilege of speaking at Colleges such as Towson, Maryland and Mcdaniel University where he shared his 4+ years of experience.

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What You Will Learn From This Episode
  • Why 90% of Anthony's clients are not ready for business.
  • Why technology professionals tend to work on the wrong things when launching their business.
  • Examples of how other entrepreneurs pre-sold their ideas before building them.
  • Why getting "rejection proof" is critical to succeeding in business.
  • The differences between influencer marketing and context marketing and when you should use both.

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