ESS 16: Unleashing the power of an interdisciplinary landscape and do we learn from the environmental mistakes of history? - with Dr. Myra Young Armstead


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In the first of two interviews linked to the association for Environmental Studies & Sciences annual conference, Dr. Chris Parsons chats with the conference’s keynote speaker Dr. Myra Young Armstead about her plenary speech “Unleashing the Power of an Interdisciplinary Landscape, Environmental Studies”.

In addition, they chat about a host of other environmental issues including changes in ways the public viewed the environment; community science and the Flint water crisis; science communication; the difference framing environmental messages as stories make; how the Bush and Obama Administrations both prepared for pandemics; and how students and universities have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They also discuss whether we do actually learn from the environmental mistakes of history or do we repeat them again and again.

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