Jack O'Holleran: SKALE Labs – An Ethereum Scaling Solution Using App Specific Blockchains


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SKALE Network's modular protocol is one of the first of its kind to allow developers to build application specific blockchains. These are interoperable and compatible with the Ethereum mainchain, and the entire Ethereum ecosystem. They provide the benefits of decentralization without compromising on computation, storage, or security.

The focus of SKALE Network is slightly different to other scaling solutions, many of which we have had on the show in the past. SKALE Network aims to scale smart contracts, not necessarily transaction throughput. Think of it as a highly performant Ethereum as a service side chain, where developers can deploy their own app specific blockchains. Within the scale network, their dapps will benefit from thousands of TPS with zero gas fees, and addons like file storage. In the future, it’s possible that SKALE will support other addons like machine learning.

Jack O'Holleran, CEO and Co-Founder of SKALE Labs, talks about how they are tackling the scaling issues on Ethereum.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Jack's background and how he got into cryptocurrency
  • Jack's thoughts on the problem of scaling on Ethereum
  • What is a SKALE node and how to start one
  • Comparisons to Cosmos, Polkadot and Eth 2.0 sharding
  • The SKALE Network
  • The purpose of the SKALE Manager and how it interacts with validators and nodes
  • Creating a dapp on the SKALE network
  • What is the future of access to connectors - are stores an option?
  • How security properties work on the network
  • Who are the users of SKALE and how does one onboard to the network
  • The NODE Foundation - the launch and grants available

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