James Dyer & Jason Goldberg: Pepo & Decrypt – New Token Models for Media Engagement


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In another of our bonus episodes recorded at EthCC in Paris, we caught up with Jason Goldberg, CEO and Founder of Pepo and Ost, and James Dyer, Co-founder and Head of Product at Decrypt. At the time of recording Decrypt were about to announce they were launching their own token that rewards audience engagement, built on Ost technology. We chatted to Jason and James about this relationship, the problems solved by these monetization models, the link between Pepo and Decrypt tokens, and DeFi, and what the future holds for media and tokens.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Background of Jason and James
  • Decrypt's affiiation with ConsenSys
  • The issues and problems being solved with the respective monetization models
  • The levers Pepo are using to ensure users trust the platform and promote growth in the ecosystem
  • The reasons Decrypt chose Ost to build their platform on
  • The different components of the Ost toolkit and how these are leveraged
  • The technology involved with getting tokens to sponsor a 'season'
  • How Pepo and Decrypt market themselves
  • The bridges between Pepo and Decrypt tokens, and DeFi
  • How good UX standards of the wallet are reached, in particular the recovery wallet feature
  • Overcoming the challenges of civil attacks and malicious acts
  • The future of media and tokens and what the new models look like

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This episode is hosted by Sebastien Couture.

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