Tieshun Roquerre: Namebase – Decentralizing DNS and Certificate Authorities


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Namebase is a top-level domain (TLD) name registrar that operates on the Handshake blockchain. It creates an ecosystem of TLDs that may be bought and sold using an on-chain auction mechanism. It takes a different approach to other decentralized domain name systems as Namebase is compatible with the ICANN namespace, the organization governs domain names globally. Users may register TLDs that don't yet exist in the ICANN namespace, like .epicenter or .ethereum, for example, creating the opportunity for new niche domain registrars to emerge.

Tieshun Roquerre, CEO of Namebase, joins us to discuss his vision for Namebase and his ambitious goal to decentralize ICANN.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Tieshun's background and how he got into crypto
  • Why and how Namebase was created and its relationship to Handshake
  • Domain name systems on blockchain
  • The history of ICANN and how it functions
  • Domain name censorship and security issues surrounding certificate authorities
  • How are they preparing for the inevitable fork between ICANN and Handshake
  • Namebase and Handshake improve on DNS and certificate authorities
  • Namebase's business model and roadmap

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