Monetary Systems in an International Context


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With global commerce and finance continuing to digitize, the world’s borders are seemingly becoming more fluid, even as physical walls are built. How does this globalization affect the sovereignty of nation-states and their ability to democratically direct their own economic future?

In a panel moderated by Epicenter host, Sunny Aggarwal, we explore the interpretation of monetary policy from a global context, discuss the morality of impacting other nations, and the potential for new technologies to offer alternatives in a dollar-dominated world. The conversation includes Jae Kwon, CEO of Tendermint; John P Conley, Professor at Vanderbilt University; Steve Randy Waldman, Author of Interfluidity, and Baek Kim, Senior Associate at Hashed.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • A moral perspective on making monetary policy that is beneficial to one nation, and detrimental to another
  • Who matters when determining externalities in governmental policies
  • The possibility of a fiscal union without a monetary one
  • USD stablecoins promoting the notion that the US should control the world’s monetary policy
  • Comparing the Libra to the Euro

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