Tackling Misinformation and Celebrating Local Leaders


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Topics Discussed:

  • Extra Credit Books (01:33)

  • Tackling Misinformation (06:05)

  • Why We Keep Talking about Coronavirus Here (15:39)

  • Celebrating Local Leaders (23:18)

  • Lament for Coronavirus (28:54)

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Episode Resources:

Lament for Coronavirus

by Shannon Williams

We seem to be in the midst of a bad dream.
Yet upon waking each day,
we again remember our new reality.
We’re anxious and tearful
and laughing and worried
and exhausted and cursing
and busy but slowed down.
All at the same time.
We don’t always hear You.
It is far too easy to turn inward.
Or to Netflix.
Or to another article
with fancy graphs and headlines.
And yet.
Babies are being born
and nursed and swaddled.
Spring is growing up around us.
Green shoots, tiny buds.
People sing on balconies
and dance in courtyards.

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