Barr: Trump's Tweets make it "impossible for me to do my job"; Barr: "Low blow" to say he acts like Trump's personal attorney; Trump ridicules Bloomberg's height, calls him "Mini Mike," Bloomberg calls Trump a "carnival barking clown"


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Barr claims his intervention in Roger Stone's sentencing had nothing to do with Trump's Tweet; Trump: May stop aides from listening to calls with leaders; Bloomberg tries to overwhelm Democrats with massive spending; "Race for the White House" premieres Sunday at 9pm ET/PT; Insults fly between Trump, Bloomberg as Bloomberg rises in polls; Trump claims ex-chief of staff Kelly was in "way over his head" after he praised Vindman & criticized Trump; Trump on John Kelly's criticism: He "can't keep his mouth shut"; CDC Director says coronavirus can be spread by people who do not have symptoms; CDC Still not able to go into China; Former wrestler testifies that Rep. Jim Jordan asked him to deny sexual abuse allegations; Ex-wrestler: GOP Rep. Jim Jordan begged me to contradict brother's accounts of sexual abuse by University doctor via Knit

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