Bolton makes first public speech since impeachment trial; 2,000 plus former DOJ officials accuse Atty General Barr of doing Trump's "personal bidding", call on him to resign; Sanders: Bloomberg doesn't have the right to buy the Presidency; NYT: Biden bank


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Bolton likens the parts of his book that deal with Ukraine "as the sprinkles on an ice cream sundae"; John Bolton speaks out, hopes White House doesn't suppress book: "We'll see what happens with the censorship"; Bolton on whether he agrees with Trump's characterization of a "perfect" call: "You'll love chapter 14" in my book; John Bolton breaks silence: "I'm not asking for martyrdom. I think I knew what I was getting into"; Judge on Stone case to hold conference call with lawyers; Bloomberg campaign slams Sanders, likens him to Trump; Dems take aim at Bloomberg as he rises in national polls; Dems rivals criticize Bloomberg: "Can't erase your record" and shouldn't "be able to hide behind...huge ad buys"; NYT: Biden is betting on finishing in at least second place in Nevada after key losses; via Knit

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