Trump now claims Iran targeted 4 US embassies, without evidence or explanation of "imminent" threat; Ukraine investigating whether bomb was "planted" on flight downed in Iran with 176 people onboard; Pelosi preparing to send impeachment articles to Senate


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Pompeo on Soleimani's "imminent" attacks: "We don't know precisely" when or where he planned to attack; Questions growing over Trump's claim that Iran planned to "blow up" US embassy; WSJ: Trump told associates he felt pressure to deal with Soleimani for GOP senators ket to his impeachment trial; Ukraine not ruling out terrorism in Iran plane crash; New video shows moment airliner plunges to the ground; US unsuccessfully targeted another Iranian military official on same day US killed Soleimani; GOP sources: Trump could be acquitted by State of Union; Impeachment trial takes top candidates off campaign trial in final weeks before the Iowa Caucuses via Knit

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