5 phrases native English speakers NEVER say!


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If you want to make your English sound more natural, more like a native speaker, then pay close attention to today’s lesson. I’m going to teach you five phrases that English learners often use, but that native English speakers would never say – either because they’re incorrect or because these phrases just don’t sound natural. Remember – I don’t want you feel BAD about these mistakes; I want to help you learn from them instead!

As you can see from these examples, these are NOT major, serious mistakes. They won’t cause communication problems; however, they do make your English sound a little strange, and they make it obvious you’re not a native speaker. So if your goal is to be fluent in English, then you should continually check for these small problems and fix them so that you can sound more natural. Of course, it can be hard to check for your own mistakes... and that’s why it’s nice to join a course where you can get some correction and some feedback from a teacher and native speaker. A number of our courses have this feature - learn more here!

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