September 13, 2020 - God The Revealer


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Our God is a Revealer. God reveals himself to us not only at the level of our minds, but in every part of our being. Beyond what the mind can understand, the Spirit speaks to our spirits and we know God. We can feel him and be moved by him, we can rejoice, and we can sing and dance in the joy of the Lord. Children are particularly sensitive to this revelation of God. All relationships begin with Adam & Eve's first encounter with God. It is God who brings them to each other so that they can enjoy relationship with one another. Before we are formed in the womb, God knows us and knits our innermost parts. This is why even the unborn know how to hear God and Jesus in the realm of the Spirit. In our church we have a lot of new babies and children. On Tuesdays at the noon prayer, children are praying together and learning to listen to God. It is amazing how receptive they are to the voice of God. It is revealing that age and learning have little to do with God's ability to reveal himself to us. I am deeply encouraged to be part of a church where children and adults know how to pray and listen. Let us encourage one another to be more and more in the presence of God!

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