001: Back in the Saddle


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Welcome to the first full episode of Prepare. Defend. Lead. - Your Mission. Own It. In this first episode of PDL we cover quite a few topics. - Get a few digital copy of My Book OPEN - Six life changing concepts that are easy to implement, but hard to master - when it is finished. Preparedefendlead.com - A small talk that I did to encourage a small class of apprentices that applies to all of us. -Five keys to being a great apprentice- 5. Don't be on time, be early. 4. Be humble, teachable, and respectful. 3. Don't complain. 2. Be prepared, equipment, rest, knowledge, etc. 1. Be quiet, listen. Bonus- Always be doing something! - Masks With twenty plus years of wearing every type of PPE imaginable, I have a little bit different take. Their house, Their rules Three types of people wearing masks Fear Effects Reasons Changing hearts and minds through influence and rapport -Are you ready for post-election chaos? Follow on FB and IG www.preparedefendlead.com

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