002: Stop Whining; Adapt


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Episode 002: Stop Whining; Adapt In this episode I talk a bit about how complaining and expecting others to do something holds us back from moving forward. It's not until we fully accept the situation we are in, that we can begin to come up with ideas and work on a solution to our situation. The Social Media de-platforming of those that I follow and respect continues, and until we accept the fact that that we are in fact the underdog in this fight, we can not move forward. I share a few ideas on what content producers can do. More importantly I share some ideas on what we can and need to do to support those that are being or have been de-platformed. I talk a bit about why I believe that it is important that we focus on building rapport, and relationships and use caution with divisive talk. We are friends, family, and communities, we shouldn't be to quick to allow others to divide us. As we approach Nov. 3 and the unknown that may follow, I suggest a few ideas of things to add to the pantry whether you have been prepping for awhile or it's something new to you. Please consider Donating, Reviewing, Sharing, and Promoting this Podcast to help advance the mission. www.preparedefendlead.com New Merch. in the Works! Follow Prepare. Defend. Lead. on FB and IG www.preparedefendlead.com

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