014: To Infinity and Beyond


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Wow, well it's been awhile since I recorded a fresh episode and it showed in this episode, I tried to squeeze 10 pounds of dog dirt in a 5 pound bag and I almost did! I update everyone on Homestead 2.0, we are making progress. I get into the 14 Day Rational Fast that I started on Jan. 4, what its about and why I'm doing it. I introduce the the PDL Budget Overland Project, I will be working on building a budget overland Mitsubishi Montero, I will keep you updated on the progress via Instagram. Check it out @prepare.defend.lead I also talk about my new daily show PDL RAW daily on IG, 2-10 minutes of my daily thoughts. Check it out @prepare.defend.lead I go fairly deep into how I spent 14+ hours planning out 2021, and what I think is key. Of course I touch on the elections, social media, and the chaos at the capital. My conclusions may not be yours. Last but not least I talk about the important stuff, the Principles of OPEN. I go into the origin story of where these principles came from and how they have helped me to live out life in a completely different and more satisfying way than most people. I discovered these principles in a very difficult spot and they have served as guide posts along my journey to keep me on the right path. I want to share them again because they are the reason I started podcasting, and that I am doing any of this. I want to wake up men, to see that they are capable of so much more. I give a brief overview of each of the six principles. Go to PrepareDefendLead.com to purchase T-Shirts, Fine Coffee, and Stickers Follow me on IG Prepare.defend.lead

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