015: No Room For Excuses


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In this episode, I share my results from the Elliot Hulse 14 day Rational Fast as well as a few positives and negatives during the experience. I talk about a story from the Bible that Jesus told, about a master giving sums of money to his servants to care for. I have some thoughts on this story and how it relates to you and me in the modern times. I believe that what we are given, we are expected to use and to leverage for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our communities and ultimately for the expanding the Kingdom. We in modern America have been given access to unlimited knowledge in the form of video, books, audio books, podcasts, courses, webinars, and live events. On top of having access to more knowledge in the palm of our hand than at any time in history we also have more time. Not that long ago everyone grew, harvested, preserved, or hunted, butchered and preserved everything that they ate. They often times also had animals to feed, care for, milk, etc. Homes needed to be kept up, and firewood and food stocked for the long winters. All of these things took a tremendous about of time each and everyday just to survive. We may fill our days with stuff, but there is no comparison to what our ancestors did. So if we have more access to knowledge and more time on our hands, What is our excuse? What will we have as a reason on our death bed or before a Holy God for not leveraging these things to grow and become better husbands, fathers, leaders, and to expand The Kingdom? As for me I believe that there is no excuse, I believe that I work diligently to become better each and every day, and to keep my focus on me and mine, while looking for solutions rather than pointing out and complaining about problems.

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