019: Winter Has Come


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In this episode I give some insight into what is actually happening down here in Texas and why things are as bad as they are. Coming from the Midwest I have a different perspective than most of our new friends and neighbors down here in central Texas. We are used to hard winters so I almost feel like we are cheating. I briefly talk about a few important always mentioned must haves: Food, Water, First Aid The mental side of preparedness: 'Accept, Adapt, Advance' The arrogance trap Fear Complaining Some universal tools, to give you options: Generator or Inverter Jumper Cables Camp Stove Lights Blankets Rubber Boots Games and Books Preparedness is an important part of being a father, husband, or leader in your community. It is Your Mission and You should own it, rather than rely of others to do it for you. Put yourself in a position to survive or even thrive during hard times by starting to prepare today. Support Prepare. Defend. Lead. - Subscribe, Share, and Review or go to Preparedefendlead.com and buy a shirt or some roasted to order coffee, use code PDL10 to save 10%

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