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Teaser Episode 0.5 I needed to test out the new intro, mic, and make sure things were going to upload to Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere else. Instead of doing that myself I thought a teaser episode would be more fun. I talk a bit about Prepare. Defend. Lead. and what to expect, it will be different than Ever Vigilant. I also touch for a moment on what I have been up to since I shut down EV and why the time away was important. Then just to be sure that you get your monies worth with this episode we briefly talk confidence and how to build it. 1. Goals Reached 2. Well timed risks executed successfully Please subscribe, share, and if you can donate to get this podcast off to a good start. Merch. on the way! Follow Me on IG @Prepare.Defend.Lead Website PrepareDefendLead.com

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