Every Photo Tells... Book 2


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A flight on a space cruiser turns into a nightmare for a man who has to face his future alone and come to terms with his past. A princess fighting for the love of her life on Christmas Eve in a kingdom covered with snow. A man finds himself quite literally out of time, sentenced for a crime he won't commit for years. In a world where vampires and werewolves have to live together, a Hunter goes out on a special task. The trials of a robot assassin duck… and many more stories! 'Every Photo Tells…' is a short story anthology that sets out to show that every picture can tell more than just one story, by presenting a range of tales inspired by seven photographs. This second collection of stories introduces new writers and plenty of new characters as well as the appearance of some familiar friends from 'Book 1'. Read by hosts Mick Bordet and Katharina Maimer, and featuring the writing talents of several guest authors, the stories cover a wide range of themes and genres. Whether your taste is for horror or whodunnit, modern thriller or period swashbuckler, fantasy or sci-fi, there is sure to be something for you in this collection. The contributors are: Odin1Eye, Doc Coleman, Michael J. Parry, Orion Dauphin, Val Ford, Scott Roche, Brenda Bryant, Emily of New Moon, Richard Green and Richard D. Asplund Jr, Dan Absalonson & Harris Tobias.

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