Gerry Leonard, David Bowie: New EP Viral Times: “I try NOT to impress you with my guitar playing…”


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Gerry Leonard Interview: Gerry’s new EP is called Viral Times. It’s a very cool instrumental record with his trademark layered textures and melodic vibes. The record was borne out of self-reflection from the down time of the COVID Pandemic. Gerry also discusses the biggest difference between being a side man and being an artist

Gerry Leonard Interview: Originally from Dublin, Gerry Leonard is a guitar player, songwriter and producer based in NYC. He played on David Bowie’s LPs Heathen, Reality & The Next Day & toured with David as well. As a session player, he’s worked with Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright, Duncan Sheik, Avril Lavigne, Roger Glover, Sophie B. Hawkins, Chris Botti, Laurie Anderson. He’s also scored and played on films including a Roger Waters score for the film The Last Mimzy. And under the name Spooky Ghost, he’s released 4 LPs

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