Episode 39: Brian Hines, Church of the Churchless Blog


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Today I speak with Brian Hines of "Church of the Churchless" blog. Brian was part of a fundamentalist guru-led spiritual community for over three decades but has since left and explores spirituality, meditation, and all that juicy goodness without the fog of religion. I share with him my challenges with meditation coming from a background of praying to someone who loved/hated me. It's a good episode! Join us.
www.churchofthechurchless.com (other blog)
www.brianhines.com (web site)
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Now that we’ve begun to process our history with toxic religion, we seek to regain autonomy over our minds and bodies from residual narratives, whether cultural or religious; while working towards respecting and empowering the autonomy of others. Together, we seek to rejoin the human race and participate in this chaotic experience of existence Thanks for listening and remember: You are autonomous and so is everyone else.
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