How Can Bumblebees support their weight? Why do Baboons Have Bare Bottoms? Why do Saguaro Cactus Plants Have Arms?


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Bumblebees! Baboons! Saguaros!

This episode is for all the children who are going to be at home for a while, this is so you can all hear each other's voices and learn new things! Please do send your favourite episode of Everything Under The Sun to your friends so they can listen and learn new things!

Remember if you'd like to send in a question you record it using an adult's smartphone, using a voice recording app and send it into me at

This week's questions are from Poppy, Alena and Archie! They are:

How do bumblebee wings support their wings? We find out how bumblebees move through the air like we swim through water.

Why do Saguaros have arms? Find out about these enormous cactus plants, their flowers, how they're like a sponge and why they have arms.

Why do Baboons Have Bare Bottoms? Discover why baboons have travel cushions on their bottoms.

I hope you all have a lovely week, coming up with fun things to do while you’re all at home, remember to send everyone who doesn’t know about it and might like it the link to the podcast and ask them to subscribe to the show.

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Thanks everyone! Sending lots of love for a good week ahead, thank you and SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

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