I Faded, Waiting on Jehovah!


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https://exjehovahswitnessct.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/i-faded-waiting-on-jehovah.mp3Wait on Jehovah?

In this podcast, Linda discusses her awakening to the realization that she spent her entire life waiting on false expectations as promised by the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society. She explains how she knew that something was wrong for many years. However, when bad things were taking place at her congregation, the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, she looked the other way, having the attitude of “waiting on Jehovah”.

During the 2016 Regional Convention, there was a video presentation demonstrating how to uphold the Watchtower’s shunning policy. As the perfect demonstration for everyone sitting in the audience, there was a husband and wife refusing to answer the telephone after seeing the caller ID displaying the phone number of their disfellowshipped daughter.

After sitting there watching the scene of their refusal to pick up the phone, Linda said, “enough is enough”. It was definitely a turning point in her life in how she is deciding to heed instructions on how to conduct her life as directed by the governing body.

In the back of her mind Linda was saying, what if their daughter were in real danger and needed their assistance and they are deciding not to pick up the telephone? This is not the love that Jesus spoke about the Bible.

Linda is experiencing her own guilt, after realizing she could have been more supportive to her own son after being dealt a bad hand by the elders in the congregation. Instead of pursuing a path to right the wrongs, Linda told her son to “wait on Jehovah”. But he could no longer tolerate their foolishness and left the organization.

Listen to her story in this podcast and see if you can relate to the many experiences she relates about her life as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. At age 70, she is picking up the pieces of the life she has remaining. She is, however, pleased with the fact that in supporting her children throughout the years they are happily sharing their success with her as extension to the life she lost.

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