The Top 3 Ways the Governing Body Misleads Jehovah’s Witnesses


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In this video, we encourage you to meditate and think critically about what you have been convinced to believe as Jehovah’s Witnesses. When you think about it, did God really choose Anthony Morris, Stephen Lett and their colleagues as his earthly channel? Should they be responsible for making decisions on your behalf as to whether or not your family members will continue speaking to you if you decide to leave the organization?

What criteria did God use when choosing these men? What do you know about their background and history? What qualifies them as leaders that can make life altering decisions about the lives of other people. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses can relate to the content in this video because it defines how they adhere to their teachings.

When you begin asking critical thinking questions about whether or not these eight guys out of New York should make life altering decisions that affects how I’m viewed by my friends and family, is this something that God approves? Are you willing to do the research to uncover the real truths or will you continue losing out on building healthy relationships with your family and friends?

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