Aging Well with Theron (part 1)


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Glucagon is super important. Do you know why?
If I asked you what and how to EAT so that you can age healthy, what would you say?

I’m super excited to (finally) be sitting down with my brother, Theron—a doctor of chiropractic with a lifelong passion for healthy living. You guys, Theron talked to me for 47 minutes straight with zero notes. We talked eating and exercise, so I’m turning my interview with him into a 2-part conversation on aging well. THIS is for me—but I hope you will also find it helpful and be able to take away a nugget or two of wisdom to apply to your own health routine.

Theron thoroughly understands metabolism and can explain how to eat and move—and why, so that we can choose to be as healthy as possible into our 50s, 60s and beyond.

I majored in Exercise Science in college and often read wellness books and blogs, but when I really want to understand something, I talk to Theron.

Understanding the roles that each macronutrient plays in our bodies is key. Good fats fight inflammation, keep hormones in balance and protect our brains/neurons from degenerative diseases. Carohydrates provide us with immediate energy to jump up and go. They are so essential to our ability to thrive that when we eat highly processed carbs are brains are easily hooked (this is where those hits of dopamine come in) and proteins provide critical building blocks for every kind of cell and function in our bodies. With some basic information and the ability to articulate processes that involve blood sugar, insulin, cortisol and free radicals we can begin to make better choices and absolutely turn back the clock.

These systemic changes start the minute you decide to EAT in a loving and grateful way. And yes, chocolate can be involved—but that’s another episode (coming soon!)



EASY (and healthy) PANCAKES

1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 egg whites

Put everything in your blender and go. I like to add a dash of salt and cinnamon. Cook and serve with a little butter, homemade (low sugar) jam and fresh berries.

Trust me: DELICIOUS and your blood sugar will thank you!


The Zone Diet and Dr. Barry Sears

The Glycemic Index

Bodyworks Chiropractic is Dr. Hall’s practice. If you live near South Jordan, UT look him up! Here’s his Facebook page and be sure to check out his 5 ⭐️ reviews on Google.

I opened this episode with Hip to be Square by Huey Lewis.

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