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When it comes to anticipating her favorite scrapbooking project. Laura Wonsik knows how to have FUN. She also knows how to share her fun with others—she creates video parodies set to familiar tunes. She recently released her fourth video promoting Ali Edward’s December Daily—and it was when I saw one of these videos pop up in my IG feed that I said out loud, “I have got to get to know this girl better. I think I’ll see if she’ll come on my podcast?!”

Today is a good day. Laura responded to my DM and now we (YOU and I) get to sit down with her.

This photo is Laura with her husband, Chad and their two daughters, Ellie (5) and Isla (1).

This photo is Laura with her husband, Chad and their two daughters, Ellie (5) and Isla (1).

Laura is a therapist who works at Miami University and plays with photos and paper in her spare time. She is also a member of Ali Edwards and Studio Calico’s design teams—which we talk about. If you are perceptive, you will hear in our conversation a pattern for finding JOY and purpose in life, even when it doesn’t unfold in ways you might anticipate—sound familiar? Hello 2020 😩

“If you love photos, memory keeping and pretty products then scrapbooking is a no-brainer hobby. There is no shortage of supplies out there to help you fill album after album and tons of inspiration to be found from talented scrappers around the world…

But, did you know that scrapbooking is good for you?
That’s right, the hobby that you love, loves you right back. Scrapbooking isn’t just fun, it’s good for your soul.”

NOTE: Laura adds in our conversation, IF you approach it with a healthy mindset determined to shun the potentially discouraging trifecta of perfectionism, comparison and competition. Wiggle your way past these and your set to enjoy ALL the benefits.

Scrapbooking is cathartic.

Scrapbooking increases self-awareness and gratitude.

Scrapbooking builds self-worth and celebrates your love for others.

Scrapbooking fosters connection and builds community.

Scrapbooking is your chance to play!

Scrapbooking is a space that’s just for you.

Ok, here’s where you get to ENJOY Laura’s mad skills in video production and singing! First up the Covid-19 edition of the December Daily Parody Video …

… set to Taylor Swift’s I Forgot That You Existed. So clever! Want to see videos from 2019 and 2018? Click on the years—can you guess which one I start the episode with?

AND, then there’s this beautiful 1st birthday tribute video to Isla.

More like these available on Laura’s YouTube channel.


Other places you can find Laura are on her Facebook page where she often creates and shares digital designs … for FREE.

And her blog, where you’ll find her post that inspired much of our conversation today.

Laura is contributing to Ali Edward’s December Daily Product Play class, Triangles, Transparency and Texture. Check it out!

AND, finally, she recommended the Candadian sitcom Corner Gas as a ready companion for your creative endeavors this weekend!

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