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Do you know why Richard Dawson, long time host of the American game show, Family Feud, kissed all those women? Do you know why he ultimately stopped?
In today’s episode I’m sharing some of the results from a survey I initiated at the beginning of this year, for my 20in20 online course. I’m also sharing two productivity hacks that will go a long way in addressing some of the very common themes that arise from this survey (and I’m certain) others around memory keeping trends.


Three questions I’ll share with a few actual results are …

  1. Why did you sign up for this course?

  2. What do you most want to accomplish?

  3. What will be your biggest challenge?

I’m definitely not a professional statistician, but with some basic analysis, I can see there are some nearly universal aspirations and obstacles captured in my survey and so I’m going to share two productivity hacks that I believe can change someone’s ability to spend time doing what they love. The first has to do with getting super specific and the second with making yourself unavailable—to everyone and everything else—when it’s time to work. Definitely not new ideas, but ones for which I can personally witness as effective.

Time not set aside on your calendar will always be negotiable.
— Todd Henry

And finally—for Richard Dawson—some thoughts on simplifying with a “KISS”— the keep it super simple kind. Make sure you’re having the mental conversations (with yourself) that encourage positive results. With almost everything else in life, mindset matters in a big way. You are NOT a survey result. You are a living, breathing human being full of potential and highly prone to derailment, but YOU get to set and pursue any goal important to you.

I hope today’s episode gives you some gas for that journey.

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