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Something exciting is just around the corner. October! And not just because of pumpkins and candy but also because October is Family History Month—yes, it’s official—and my guests today have created a brilliant experiment all about family history and forging family connections. This very FUN and interactive effort takes just 21 days and can have you focusing on several different aspect of family connection—culture, food, stories and pictures—just to name a few. And Gen Z? Turns out with a little nudge they are all in, so trust me when I say this is NOT your grandma’s genealogy.

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THIS is powerful insight and energy for life.

Home base for this experience is HERE ( This is where you’ll want to go to get started. Once you’re in, you can meet up virtually with others on Facebook and Instagram. And you can report your efforts and results on any social media, using hashtags:

#21dayexperiment and #familyconnections

Taralyn Parker and Olivia Jewel are two of the founders of the 21-Day Family Connections Experiment and they are full of enthusiasm and a desire to see you succeed. Both of these women are busy mothers, but also educated and so excited to help others take advantage of easy opportunity to create family memories and connections—during a time that can otherwise be overwhelming, discouraging, confusing and exhausting. This isn’t just one more thing to do, this is an effort that will center you and help you discover JOY in your closest relationships.

So, how does this work?

We’ll talk about that in our conversation, but the process of getting involved couldn’t be easier. There are 3 primary goals, 1. JOIN 2. CONNECT and 3. REPORT and there are so many great, specific plans to help you take confident action.

If you want to learn more ABOUT my two guests and the other team members behind this experiment, go HERE.

I opened this episode with the audio that accompanies this video. FamilySearch is a FREE and fantastic resource that allows you to dive into your past—and to become the voice of your personal pictures and stories.

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