but as for the cowards (revelation 21:8)


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This message was preached at New Testament Christian Fellowship in Claremont, NC on June 20, 2021. The focus is the terrible disjunctive conjunction (but) that introduces the last hellfire warning in Scripture and the first of eight classes of wicked people who are in line for the Lake of Fire. Cowardice is a little fire that kindles great evil, and the COWARDS are first in line for damnation. There is good news for the American Church, however, despite all the cowardice that manifested itself during the Covid hysteria. It is sometimes possible that repentant cowards who lost Round 1 later prove to be the staunchest defenders of the faith when the bell sounds for Round 2. Consider Peter and the disciples in Mark 14, and then look at them go with boldness in the Book of Acts! Cowards can be forgiven and redeemed unto great boldness for the Gospel. But, unrepentant cowards are first in line for hellfire and brimstone.

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