come hither (revelation 21:9)


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After some weeks of hiatus, Jesse Boyd resumes his exegetical study of the Book of Revelation by referencing a statement made by Horace Greeley, a New York newspaper editor, more than 150 years ago: “It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people.” We are enslaved socially and mentally in America today precisely because we are not a Bible-reading people, precisely because we are not Bible-believing people. Now, as much as ever in church history, the Holy Scriptures are relevant, particularly the Book of Revelation with its unique promised blessing to those who read it, understand it, and keep it (1:3). We must study this book of prophecy; we must heed its red letters written directly to us living in these days. We must confess, believe, and hold fast to its promises. Then, we can never be enslaved. Following a lengthy exhortation to this end and some review of 21:1-8, this message highlights 21:9, and the angel’s aside to John: “Come here a minute. Let me show you something!” This aside is contrasted with the aside of 17:1 where the grammatical construction is nearly identical. We cannot fully understand and appreciate the true Bride of Jesus Christ and our position therein (21:9) until we first see the WHORE, the fake church, for what she is and her future judgment (17:1).

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