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It is our standard practice to have a guest with us to discuss a particular area of expertise needed for either building transferable business value or planning for a business exit…and per usual…we have a guest with us this morning. However, this guest has proposed a change in format for today’s episode. A “turning of the tables” as he put it. Our guest is my long-time friend Andrew Mahr.
A number of years ago Andrew and I worked together on a management team for a non-profit ministry with a mission of planting churches in the US and in other parts of the world. Andrew joined our team not long after graduating from Georgetown University and was considering continuing on to law school, but decided to stay on board with us instead. As a result of his success in management at the non-profit was presented with not a few attractive business opportunities and went in that direction instead.
Andrew’s one of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever worked with, and he’s currently the Chief Customer Officer at Tribio. Triblio is an Account Based Marketing firm here in Northern VA.
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