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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about where they’ve been and Kyle’s recent hospital stay with double pneumonia and a blood infection known as streptococcus. Also, Cam had a recent trip to New Orleans, Louisiana where he visited an amazing World War II museum, Bourbon Street and some less desirable areas.

Then they get into the news where apparently two people in North Carolina say they came upon a “huge bigfoot!” As they were driving they passed what they thought was a strange looking man but turned out to be bigfoot. Then, a young girl was swimming in a lake a mile or so from home with her brothers and friends. Well as the sun was setting it was time for her to return home. On her hike home through the woods she was followed by a giant hairy hominid. Then, some people have very strange possible time glitches or time slips.

After the break Kyle, brings up the interesting unsolved case of Septic Tank Sam. “Septic Tank Sam” was the name given by investigators to an unidentified man found in a septic tank outside of Tofield, Alberta, Canada in 1977.”Sam” was found in a 1.8 meter deep septic tank on an abandoned farm house, 13km west of Tofield, by owners of the property who had been searching the old septic tank for a pump. Investigating officers described his death as one of the most vindictive and sadistic crimes that they had ever encountered. According to the autopsy, he had been tied up and beaten while his body had been repeatedly burned using a small butane blowtorch and cigarettes. He had also been sexually mutilated before he was finally shot in the head and chest. He was then rolled up in a yellow bed-sheet tied with nylon rope and dumped head first into the septic tank, which had been partially filled with water. The investigation is still ongoing.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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