008: Diversity & Inclusion Part 1


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Today, we're going to look into another topic that's been really relevant in 2020 – racial justice.

It’s not really the overt things that do the most damage, but it’s the implicit bias.

Unfortunately, having this kind of conversation has been made into a political or cultural football, in order to make people feel like they shouldn't have these conversations.

But this is not a political conversation. It’s a human conversation.

So we have to lean into it, even if it makes us a little uncomfortable so we can make our society more equitable and fairer.

And as leaders, it all comes down to this core question:

How do you address and respond when you see any kind of injustice happening in your organization and in your community?

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The courage that big CEOs are giving to small businesses to speak their voice
  • Protected classes that need to be included
  • Bostock v. Clayton County landmark case
  • The power of community
  • The implicit racism that does the most damage
  • Why these conversations are critical
  • Culture change to bring about organizational change
  • How to eliminate implicit racism or bias in the workplace

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Supporting Resources:

Be Bold: How to Prepare Your Heart and Mind for Racial Reconciliation by LaToya Burrell



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