Focus On The Moment, Not The Mountain – With Alden Mills | EU #77


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I’ve been binging on leadership education recently. Books, podcasts, vlogs, anything I can get my hands on.

One thing I’ve been wondering is why there are so many former Navy SEALS who go into entrepreneurship? Mark Divine, Jocko Willink, David Goggins, and more. Well, in this episode of Experts Unleashed, I got to ask another former Navy SEAL this very question.

Alden Mills was a three-time platoon commander in the Navy SEALS. After his time in “the Teams,” Alden became an entrepreneur. He led his first company to $90 million in sales in just three years, becoming an Inc. 500 CEO.

He’s the creator of the Perfect Pushup System and its spinoff products. He’s been in the pet nutrition business. He’s authored 2 books. Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything, and Unstoppable Teams: The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership. Today, Alden is a world-renowned speaker, educator, and executive coach.

Alden and I got together recently to talk about his approach to business, leadership, and life in general.

You’ll Discover
  • Alden’s first business failure… and the thought process that led him to create the Perfect Pushup System [07:40]
  • Why are there so many entrepreneurs who were former Navy SEALS?... And why Alden prefers not to make his Special Forces background the focus of his business [21:30]
  • The 2 most important business lessons Alden learned (that weren’t from the SEAL teams or any of his businesses) [27:40]
  • The “Mirror Effect” – the most important leadership quality everyone should have [45:22]
  • Why people follow leaders… and how to get them to follow YOU [52:25]

...And much more.

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