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Coming from the “internet marketing” world, I don’t interview many entrepreneurs who sell physical products.

Maneesh Sethi is the founder and CEO of Pavlok, a wearable technology that helps people break bad habits and create good habits.

Maneesh and I have been friends for a while. And the path of entrepreneurship he chose is fascinating.

That’s why I just had to bring him on Experts Unleashed.

You’ll Discover
  • What happened when Maneesh’s “hero” told me I could never write a book at my age (I was 12) [03:10]
  • From personal “slapper” to dog shock collars to Pavlok – how Maneesh’s brain works [13:38]
  • “Loops” – a crash course in behavioral modification [19:45]
  • Why Pavlok’s main competitor is AmEx and not Fitbit [30:49]
  • The struggles of an ENTP CEO [43:50]

…And much more!

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